Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I imagine no one will read this, but it seems inappropriate somehow to start keeping a blog without some sort of introductory post, so here goes. I’m Ajay Ravichandran, and I’m a recent college graduate who’ll be starting law school in the fall; my co-blogger, Josh, who’ll hopefully introduce himself shortly, is a good friend from college. We decided to start this blog because we both realized that we spend a remarkably large amount of time reading political blogs and other commentary, and it seemed kind of silly to devote so much attention to politics without having some sort of public platform to comment from.
My posts will cover a range of topics related to American politics and current events broadly defined, but some areas of particular interest for me are civil liberties/counter-terrorism/national security issues, economic policy, and various questions related to the relationship between individualism and community. I majored in philosophy in college and have some interest in pursuing a philosophy PhD eventually, so I’ll probably delve into the philosophical implications of these matters somewhat more than is common. I may also post on more purely philosophical issues in moral and political philosophy and religious matters, and plan to occasionally write book or movie reviews as well.
I think I’ve spent enough space navel-gazing for now, so rather than try to explain why you should care what two twenty-somethings with very little relevant experience or credentials think about anything, I’ll let future posts speak for themselves. I hope you stick around!

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