Saturday, November 21, 2015


It’s taken me far too long to find the time to write anything about this on the blog, which is embarrassing to me since it took the Republican candidates no time at all to say their piece. Within hours of the Paris attacks, Ben Carson was already calling for a halt to the admission of refugees. Ted Cruz was prepared to blame everything on the ostensibly excessive caution displayed by the U.S. military in avoiding civilian casualties in its airstrikes. Ah, but those are the nutty candidates, right (though also among the leading ones-- we'll come to the leading one in a moment, and he should prove no source of relief on this score)? Well, what do the "we-all-know-these-people-could-actually-be-president" candidates have to say for themselves? Jeb Bush thinks we should only admit Christians, and now John Kasich has backpedaled on whatever semi-reasonable things he said on this subject earlier in the fall and has joined the chorus calling for a suspension of the refugee program.