Saturday, February 4, 2017


From the most recent church newsletter:

 “That’s American” 
With countries as with people, I guess sometimes you have to be reminded that it’s actually possible to lose them, before you can appreciate just how much you need them. That’s why the first week of the Trump presidency has reminded me of how deeply I love this country. I love our universal franchise – on the occasions when it is allowed to function; I love the Fourteenth Amendment; I love the Refugee Program; I love the fact that, as much as this country has always failed to live up to its ideals, the awareness we all feel that it ought to be different – that we can and should one day be a democracy, rather than a caste society – is part of this country’s story too. That’s American, wrote Langston Hughes.



Life story

Sometime around the year
Or 2013
I realized that
I was not nearly as good
As I had thought –
That I did things too
That hurt other people
That were selfish and stupid, and that I did them
A fair amount of the time.