Saturday, February 4, 2017



Life story

Sometime around the year
Or 2013
I realized that
I was not nearly as good
As I had thought –
That I did things too
That hurt other people
That were selfish and stupid, and that I did them
A fair amount of the time.

Sometime around the year
Or 2017
I realized that
While all that was true, and
Not at all to be gainsaid
There are nonetheless
Some out there
Who are worse.


I wonder sometimes –
Not that I’ve done so very well for myself –
But I wonder, I say –
 would I have gotten
Even half as far as I have
If it were not
For these dimples?


I used to be sick
So sick I couldn’t stand
Then, one day, I guess,
I got better –
Better to say –
The world got sick with me
 Crazy as I had been, it
 Got crazier
So that now
God help me,
I’m thriving!
Oh my.
How much stranger
 everything turned out to be
Than we were expecting…


Happiness is such a sneaking thing
Clutched to one’s chest one fears most mightily
That it will be discovered
And what inspires the feeling of shame
And fear – is not that they will hate you for it

But that they are right to do so!

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  1. amazing!
    i. totally true
    ii. ha!
    iii. interesting ...
    iv. this is very joshy