Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The New Rainbow Coalition

Isn’t it amazing that
  The man whose political mentor was Roy Cohn,
of all people,
Is now accusing the rest of the world of
“McCarthyism” (didya hear that one?)
 For finding it just a little bit odd
That he has so little love for American democracy and so much for the
Mass politics
Of the Bear across the Bering Sea
Whom Tocqueville once said would hold
  Half the world in its paws (the
Other half, that is – the one
Not too busy being batted around by us)—isn’t it
  Funny how

Saturday, March 4, 2017


From the most recent church newsletter:

In recent weeks, Canadian border agents in Manitoba, Quebec and elsewhere have been encountering asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa at the U.S. border, some bearing scars of frostbite from the sub-zero weather. These are not people who meant to end up in Canada. They originally came to the United States, seeking protection and refuge. But the actions of our government – especially the so far-foiled “ban” against refugees and people from Muslim-majority countries – have convinced them that there is no welcome here. In other words, our country, which once declared itself a haven for the outcast and persecuted, has now created a refugee crisis of its own.