Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The New Rainbow Coalition

Isn’t it amazing that
  The man whose political mentor was Roy Cohn,
of all people,
Is now accusing the rest of the world of
“McCarthyism” (didya hear that one?)
 For finding it just a little bit odd
That he has so little love for American democracy and so much for the
Mass politics
Of the Bear across the Bering Sea
Whom Tocqueville once said would hold
  Half the world in its paws (the
Other half, that is – the one
Not too busy being batted around by us)—isn’t it
  Funny how

It used to be that the pathological anti-Communists used to make you so queasy since
 They were so detestable –
     and yet so were
The objects of their detestation.
How incredibly simplified everything has gotten since then! Now
all the terrible people have grouped themselves
For our convenience
Onto one side of the spectrum.
The worst of America
The worst of Russia
The most loathsome of the East
The most slimy of the West
Every possible variety of ooze
And sleaze
And wretch
Has slunk and crawled its way
 With a kind of instinct, as if
Responding to a hidden signal,
Into the waiting arms of the Trump regime – every worst thing you ever thought you’d see
From Buddhist and Hindu nationalists
To Russian and American neo-fascists
To goddamned reality TV -- A friend
Of mine said
  “It’s such a diverse movement”
yes truly it is
  A rainbow coalition
Of creeps

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