Saturday, October 17, 2015

Five Short Poems


Small things trip me up
Take today, all I had to do
Was put on pants, and I knew
If I got them on, everything else
Would come out right
But the pants
Were too tight


"I am humbled to receive
         This humane Doctorate of Letters"
Huh- But wouldn't not receiving it
         Do that much better?


Feeling lately
Like I’m witnessing
Time’s amazing disappearing act
 Hey Presto!
Now you got it
Now you don’t
 Conversations you
Didn’t ask for
 People you
Don’t care for
One day the
Trick door closes but
Houdini doesn’t
 Come out again


What of the creatures
Who weren’t in the ark
What did they feel
In the dark?

Were there other gods who
Didn’t forsake them?
Who took them when Yahweh
Didn't take them?

Can there be stories for
    those left behind?
Can there be arks that –

   never mind.

A Prayer for All Occasions

I beg of Thee
Couldn’t things be
  Just a little bit better
  Than they are?

I often feel
I can stand a great deal
  But this is just going
  Too far

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