Saturday, April 18, 2015


Ahemplease excuse me
Yes you, Professor Thou

(That goes with Comma, H.T.
And in the index you see
That those two initials stand –
For Mister Holier Than)

Alias Mr. Solidarity-with
And Gospel-Message Man
Yes you who have been busy proclaiming
In between the lemonades and half-cookies this afternoon
Liberty to the captives

Mr. Ontological Other
His Highness Love Thy Brother
The Friend to All Who Labor
Sir Henry Love Thy Neighbor

I much enjoyed your talk and just wished to ask for
Some follow-up information

Please note for me the date and time at which you plan

To resign from your current position
To return your last paycheck unopened
To stop publishing books and pulp those
        Not yet in circulation
To quit speaking so regularly
        To admiring throngs; and
To turn yourself out from
        Your current place of residence

Ahyes I see you snort a bit
As if you aren’t surprised
You say you know where I’m going and, hey,
Would I do likewise?

That is, give up that stuff, at least
Its equivalents
In proportion to my station
As one of your students?

Well, uh... I probably just won’t—
And that’s a real God Damn!

Guess we both have got to be
Less Mister Holier Than

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