Thursday, August 22, 2013

John Yoo is Deeply Concerned about Lack of Accountability

Ladies and gents, remember John Yoo?
He has, you could say, a distinct point of view
He'll not just sit by
While a traitor and spy
Is allowed to walk free-- would you?

Not yet will he sit
Trading idle chat for chit
Until his demands are fulfilled.
'Tis not enough, he fears
To get thirty-five years
A traitor he thinks should be killed.

Indeed: one must serve time
For incalculable crime
Otherwise we can't stop its recurrence.
If you torture and maim
You will be blamed
"If not for retribution, for deterrence."

What kind of world would this be--
If criminals walked the streets free?
I do not envision it comfortably
Or suppose they got rewarded
When they were not thwarted
With a chair at UC Berkeley?

Ladies and gents, consider John Yoo
On the pages of the grand old National Review
This towering Highness of moral sublimeness
Oh justice's blindness! Sweet mercy and kindness!
All reach fulfillment in-- who?
The one, the only: John Yoo.

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