Saturday, August 27, 2016

Je Suis Burkini

Oui, c’est vrai, we all marched for expression libre,
But one draws a line someplace -- ours stops at long sleeves.
What? Do you oppose, too, our jailings and mosque closures
Or only our moral campaign against this most indecent under-exposure?
Your comparison to the Hebdo affair – Non! ce n’est pas le même,
That was ignorant bigotry – but this is a true blasphême.
And keep in mind, mon petit, it’s nothing to do with their religion
It’s more – Croyez-moi! – about race and immigration and orchestrated derision
Peut-être, you will say, in a truly free societé,
One should be allowed to wear what one pleases and draw Mahomet
Mais non! There must be limits, if there’s one thing we’ve learned
One has to tread carefully where public sentiments are concerned
Violating rights, mocking people in public – that's just a minor social quarrel
And more than a fair price for defending public morals
After all, sur la plage, there are innocent prêtes and enfants, and such petites choses --
Their eyes must be shielded from such shamelessly modest clothes.

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